image credit: Adobe Stock

A Seaside Hotel Connects Guests with Nature in Sanya

May 3, 2022


The sprawling seascapes of popular tourist destination the Skyline Coast are among many natural wonders that have put the Chinese locale of Sanya on the map. Against a backdrop of crashing waves and pristine beaches, the Sumei Skyline Coast Boutique Hotel stakes its claim in the destination to instill a deeper bond between man and nature. Conceived as a poetic extension of the setting by Shenzhen-based studio GS Design, the hotel is heralded by a rhythmic façade featuring curvilinear forms that mirror the tides “rising and falling along the shore,” says GS Design creative director Li Liangchao. “From the interiors, the wave-like windows exist like picture frames, presenting a vivid and layered visual experience.”

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