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HVS Report – Indian Hotel Sector – 2022 Performance Review – By Akash Datta and Dipti Mohan

January 30, 2023

The strong recovery in 2022 brought much relief to a sector devastated by COVID-19. The quick retraction of onerous COVID-19 policies, released the much pent-up demand in the market, making it the single biggest reason for a strong recovery. While occupancy remained slightly 5-7 percentage points (pp) lower than the full year 2019, in large part due to the much lower-than-expected Q1 2022, ARRs for 2022 recovered fully, crossing 2019 levels by almost 1-3%, in large part due to strong ARRs in Q4 2022. Similar to 2021, domestic travel was responsible for the strong recovery in demand. Buoyed by segments such as weddings and events, the hospitality sector continued its unabated growth in ARRs to recover in part the losses of the previous two years. Corporate travel recovered as well, contributing to the overall recovery of the sector.

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