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Scant Business at Europe’s Hotels Sends Profit to Historical Low

May 29, 2020

April was a month of virtually no business volume for Europe’s hotels, as the coronavirus spread across the continent, prompting countries such as Spain, Italy and Russia to impose lockdowns in order to flatten the infection curve. The result was pain across the operating statement, with GOPPAR recording its historical low at -€17.86, a 132.0% decline compared to April of 2019.

With travel bans and mandatory stay-at-home orders in effect, occupancy fell by 69.7 percentage points YOY to single-digit levels, which, combined with a 44.1% drop in average rate, drove RevPAR down by 95.5%. The closure of F&B venues, as well as health clubs and spas, among others, thwarted the possibility of generating ancillary revenue to compensate for the rooms decline. As such, TRevPAR plunged 93.3% YOY.

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