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Hoteliers Excited About Improved Guest Satisfaction with Maestro’s New GuestXMS Mobile Engagement & Feedback Tool

June 30, 2021


Independent hoteliers operating on Maestro PMS are thrilled to be able to add a new two-way real-time guest engagement module designed to drive guest satisfaction and improve operational efficiencies. Introduced as GuestXMS, and tightly integrated into Maestro, the tool is serving as a comprehensive guest engagement and operational communication hub for hotels, providing enhanced insights into guest needs. Powered in collaboration between Maestro and Fetch, GuestXMS enables hoteliers to send text messages to guests to gauge their satisfaction upon arrival and immediately resolve issues if necessary, resulting in a “Wow” experience and a frictionless stay. Early adopters are reporting that they are receiving 20 times more responses from guests, giving them adequate time to resolve issues before guests depart.

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