image credit: Unsplash

Japanese Restaurant Taru Opens in Midtown Manhattan

March 22, 2023


Modern Japanese concept Taru has debuted as the latest entry to Midtown Manhattan’s fine dining landscape. Crafted by BLANK Design, the intimate eatery is a study in Japanese aesthetics, from contemporary to traditional. The neighboring Baccarat Hotel also informed the design, which poetically draws from the natural world as well.

“We started to think of the Baccarat on the upper floor as the sun and the restaurant space on the first floor as the moon; to wit, the light of the moon against sunlight to create splendid moonlight,” says BLANK project director Aki Miyazono. “In the aesthetic expression of Japanese culture, we employed ‘subtraction’ rather than ‘addition,’ deliberately avoiding many extravagant materials, staying instead with natural and organic materials.”

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