image credit: Pixabay

The Impact of Brexit on Hotel Industry and 2020 Outlook

February 10, 2020


As soon as the referendum result regarding UK’s exit from the EU hit the news, concern and uncertainty sparked among many in the UK, especially within the hospitality and tourism industry, which is the fourth largest in Britain.

The greatest cause of worry is found around the amount of employees that the hospitality industry attracts from European migrants. Hotel, restaurants, leisure and entertainment businesses employ over 400.000 migrant workers. Pre-Brexit, EU nationals -many of whom are employed in hospitality- were free to enter the UK without a work permit or visa, which is about to change in a post-Brexit reality. Pre-Settlement, Settlement and other classifications around the residency and corresponding rights mean that EU nationals will find themselves doubting if they will manage to remain or they will be put off upon their arrival to the UK.

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