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The UK International Travel Industry Contributes £80bn a Year to UK Economy

November 2, 2022


A new joint-report from ABTA and UKinbound outlines the value of international travel to the UK economy in terms of supporting jobs, economic contributions and taxes paid to HM Treasury.

The report, International Travel: Powering the UK economy, looks at the combined value of UK inbound and outbound tourism, and is based on research from leading consultants York Aviation1.

The report finds that each year UK international travel:

  • contributes £80bn to the UK economy in GVA2, equivalent to 4.0% of the UK’s total GVA;
  • supports 1.5 million jobs – 4.5% of all jobs in the UK;
  • provides £13.2bn to HM Treasury in taxes;
  • generates £84bn in travel-related spending across the UK.

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